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January 3, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Premium Rush– makes you wanna ride hard.

This is the 2012 version of the bike cult movie, Quicksilver. I remember watching Quicksilver back in 1986 (we had a Betamax tape of it), and it really amazed me.  Kevin Bacon played a bike messenger with a lot of bike skills. Quicksilver easily had a following due to the street cred of the action and the bike tricks were all legit. Setting: San Francisco.
Premium Rush is a film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez and Michael Shannon. They are not exactly the dream cast of any Hollywood producer, but they got it covered. The producers made up for the no-name-stars by filling the movie with bike action sequences and lots of speed. The movie never tires pedaling. The graphics were all well-thought of and placed, not making it too techy, but just right for that clean 2012 movie look.
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Wilee
Dania Ramirez as Vanessa
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The story is light enough yet filled with conflict that would keep the viewers interested. Wilee’s reckless badboy/did-not-become-a-lawyer-due-to-biking attitude gives the viewers enough reason to like him for the duration of the movie. His bike skills are quite impressive and you would understand his fiesty nature once you find out what’s running in his head (lines to take, gaps to run, and obstacles to conquer).
If you are a serious biker, you would love this movie. It is targeted to the subculture of pedaling and all its nuisances. The stunts are great, the orchestration of the traffic plus the moves and grooves of the fixie rider would make you stoked to go riding after watching the film. It is set in urban New York, yet in one part, the protagonist takes on a trials jump bike and hucked his way to freedom.

I give the movie, Premium Rush 9 chainrings.

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