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Post Ride Like Heroes

August 30, 2015— The Heroes Rider group had a successful fun race.
But how do you measure a successful bike event?
Good weather, no major injuries, smooth race flow, good camaraderie, laughs, talented host, no unsolved major dilemma, and most of all, everybody had FUN.
Heroes Trail jump
One of my close buddies is part of the Heroes Rider group. Thus, Valleybikes had access and we got to meet some of the key movers of the event. Rene, Ian, Kier and Lee were some of the people behind the fun race. It was clear from day one that this is an event made by riders FOR riders. We should throw away all the politics and BS out of the window and just have a worthwhile awesome time. Pro riders weren’t allowed to compete yet the community was so small that the usual faces came up to “play”. Ride Like Heroes was so inviting that you just can’t NOT join. For a minimal fee of 550 Php, you got a finisher’s shirt, a free meal and a medal if you got into the top 10. There were also prizes raffled off. All happy. All good.
champ Joy



The XC had a lot of categories, and the racers were the usual cyclists who dominated the scene. Hands down, these guys ride bikes for a living, they train, they hang out in bike shops and they eat Allen screws for snacks (joke). Their level of competition is way different from weekend riders and those who simply want to ride for fun. In the cycling community, bikers always ask, “Lalaro ka?” (Will you play?) That means, races are fun games, like a little boy, a friend would ask you if you are joining the games, not competing for dear life.
Yet there are others who take this on seriously. We all respect them. They make the competition much more exciting. They really push themselves for the best time possible. To the winners of the XC race, congratulations!

What surprised the organizers was that the Fatbike category was not flocked by the Fatbike riders. My analysis is that Fatbikes were meant for cruising, not racing. Nuff said.

Enduro boys had a blast in their run. The stage one of Heroes was reversed so all the regulars of the Heroes Trail were surprised to do the track reverse. It is quite different from the usual memorized track of many. If you used to go left, you go right. The fast downhill sections were now grueling ascents. Everybody who passed the finish line were catching their breath. The first part of the run was a mashfest.
The next section of the enduro category was a fun roll except for a few climbs. This is the more interesting run for it had drops and a few jumps. There was a section wherein you had to drop and jump a 4 footer with a receiver.
There was an option for the non-jumpers. Of course the spectators wowed and shouted whenever the riders hit the ramp. No major spill happened.

airplane at Heroes trail


Valleybikes bumped into Oyo Sotto (@Osotto) and we chatted about section one of the enduro course.
He turned out tenth in the enduro cat.
Good job!

To the organizers: Congratulations and well done, guys! Here’s to more radical bike events!Heroes Rider

Here are some more pics from the event:
oyo dropping it


Let us wait for the official results in their website: