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February 7, 2014 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts, Reviews


Oscar Oida is a decent and funny man.
His humor is splendid and he is a true lady’s man. Girls can’t help but smile at his witty remarks and funny antics.
Back in college, we used to kid each other that he should be “careful always” especially to the people who are just riding with his fame. Some people stick with him so that they can be recognized as Oscar’s friends. But that was all just a joke.
Fast forward to the present and Oscar still lives up to the PopGuy status. He is still funny, yet more serious.
He rides a Carbon 29er MTBike for the mountain and a foldable Tern bike for bike commuting.
I have never been a fan of foldable bikes for I see the machine as a purely functional machine. The designers of this kind of bike did not even try to think what it would look like. I could not start ranting about Foldable Bikes for I respect other people who find the bike rather good looking.
With that said, I now move on to review the ride.
It is a very comfortable bike. The rider’s position is upright. The twenty inch wheels is quite fast and nimble, making the bike very easy to ride. The gearing is excellent, making uphills and flats very easy to pedal to. The whole bike is compact and lightweight so it is truly a very efficient machine.
Did I mention that it can FOLD?
Yes sir, the bike can fold.
Kudos to the engineers and researchers who have devoted time and effort for these kinds of bicycles.
TIna Tern
They should start calling these bike COMFORT bikes and not FOLDABLE bikes. Maybe they can sell more.
To Oscar Oida: Careful always, when riding out there.

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