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May The Force Be With You

Upgrade Your Knee Before You Upgrade Your Bike

May 5, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Play In The Dirt— Battle Of The Flips

Biking is fun. It is more fun if done with friends who also love riding as much as you do. The feeling of freedom and going fast on two wheels cannot be properly explained for the feeling is different for each person. The high and adrenaline rush of riding your bicycle/toy (which you personally tinkered on) cannot be compared to any other sensation.
There will be an event for the dirt jumpers in Metro Manila this coming May 10, 2015. The pump track is located at the Animal Trail by the banks of the Marikina river. The Animal Trail is located at the edge of Provident Village in Marikina. To go there, you must pass Riverbanks Mall and there is a small running path which only pedestrians and bikers are allowed to enter. Motorized vehicles cannot go inside the Animal Trail so you must leave your vehicles in Riverbanks.
The Single speed/ jump bike culture in the Philippines is constantly growing. Jump frames and indestructible bike components are wide spread now so more and more daring guys are getting hooked into it. From BMX to 26 inch jump bikes, these adrenaline pumped kids are getting better and jumping higher each day. Thanks to the world wide web, they can now do their research and look at the other folks around the world who are doing the same thing as them. If they can do it, so can we.
Cheers to the organizers of the Battle of the Flips. May you guys prosper and make it to the World Jump events.
Wish—> whoever wins in local contests like these may get a sponsorship to compete abroad so we know how we fare among our peers internationally.
***erratum: begginers to beginners.

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