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Pimped up Giant Trance

Pimped up Giant Trance

A  funky bass player got his Giant Trance pimped by Valleybikes.

Giant Trance


3×8 with a flat front tire

Rockstar bass player Macky Macaventa commissioned Valleybikes to pimp his Giant Trance. This reliable Trance with the most effective Maestro suspension is a blast from the past because its drive train had a 3 x 8 set-up. The brakes were mechanical, with the lever and trigger shifter all in one contraption.



It is the year 2017 already so we upgraded the Trance to a 2 x 10 Shimano Deore drive train plus hydraulic brakes.

Pimped up Giant Trance

2 x 10 Deore with Truvativ bash guard

The original stem was 80mm and it was shortened to a 50mm white stem so as to adjust the cockpit and make the stance of the Trance more aggressive.

Pimped up Giant Trance

shorter stem for going down better

The Trance gives a plush ride, whatever the drive train is. But with the crisper shifting Deore drivetrain and much softer hydros, the Trance of Macky breathes new life.

Pimped up Giant Trance

test test

We calibrated the rear shock to Macky’s weight. It now bounces on the correct compression.

Trail ready and BGC pogi, this Giant Trance gets a bump up its former self. The red and white frame deserves a matching helmet with the same colorway. (but then you would have to match your shades as well)

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“Rapsa Haybu!!!”