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October 6, 2015 Comments (1) Blog Posts

Phil Bike Expo 2015— Second Round

On the second year of the Phil Bike Expo, bikers and bicycle enthusiasts gathered at the SMX Convention Center to celebrate the two wheeled machine we fondly call the bicycle. October 2-4 was a rainy and gloomy weekend filled with lots of excitement. It was an Ateneo-La Salle game weekend, Gilas PIlipinas championship game against the indomitable China, Cosplay convention, plus a lot other activities… yet the Phil Bike Expo prevailed and was a huge success.
This years’s expo is a notch higher than last year’s for there were more players and brands. Popular names like Specialized, Fox, Felt, Santa Cruz, Lynskey, Ellesworth, Pinarello and others were there to make their presence felt. It is just sad that other brands were not there, so we cannot see for our selves their up and coming bikes.
The organizers invited riders from around the world to make the three day expo a worthwhile event. BMX experts Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez showed the pinoy riders how easy it is to play with your bike. Trials pro Vittorio Brumotti impressed the crowd with his tricks on a road bike.
Retro bikes, low riders, fixed gear bikes, mountain bikes and folding bikes were present in the event. Items, accessories and other bike related gear were also showcased during the expo.
Here are some pictures from the Phil Bike Expo 2015:

fast looking road bike

fast looking road bike

metro bike commuter

metro bike commuter

green fixed
Manila Fixed gear
low ridaz
Colnago for ferrari
Norco bikes
specialized mountain bike
Santa Cruz Bronson green and pruple

Santa Cruz Bronson green and purple

Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz Nomad

Fatskey by Lynskey

Fatskey by Lynskey

little boy's wet dream two  and a half decades ago

little boy’s wet dream two and a half decades ago

Specialized 27.5 +
Carbon Fatbike--- whut?!

Carbon Fatbike— whut?!

Keithretro bike
Here are some more pictures:
Vittorio Brumotti

Vittorio Brumotti

we need wheels!
fly high

fly high

flatland bmx
bmx boys
waiting for their turn

waiting for their turn

what's an expo without the girls?

what’s an expo without the girls?

What’s cycling without the shades? Spyder is the shiznit when it comes to cool eyewear. Why think? Choose Spyder.
gotta wear shades

gotta wear shades

Go Pro showcased their new Go Pro Session. Smallest one yet! This bombproof HD video camera is the ultimate eye that can record and see what’s up! Dan’s (official distributor of Go Pro) also had the Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black edition on display. Be a Hero.
Go pro transformer

Go pro transformer



Of all the bikes presented at this year’s expo, my vote goes to the Fatskey by Lynskey. It has a Titanium fat frame with Rockshox’s Bluto front suspension. I was impressed on how the presentor built their showcase fattie. Bombproof cockpit with a beefy drivetrain, matched with Surly fat rims wrapped in Specialized Ground Control Fat tires completes this do-anything-bike. I rode it around and tried it on the trials track, and it responded like a freeride machine (on steriods). Climbing was not an issue, plus the Bluto suspension was mimicking the plushness of a full suspension rig. Clearly, this is the winner for the “MY NEXT BIKE AWARD”.
got to ride this Fatskey. I now know what's the next bike for me.

got to ride this Fatskey. I now know what’s the next bike for me.

Here is a video clip of Italian bearded guy, Vittorio Brumotti. He awed the audience with his road bike skills. Other riders do it using a trials bike, he rocks it with a road bike. How cray cray is that?

The Phil Bike Expo just keeps getting better. Bigger venue, more bikes, radical activities and international guests made this event a memorable one. The trials track and BMX ramps made the expo a more experiential weekend. Last year was the primer, now we are just getting warmed up. Expect next year to be a blast.

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