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November 18, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Phil-Bike Expo 2014 (Ze First Edisyon)

The first will always be memorable. It may not be the best but it will always be in our hearts.
If one thinks about it, not all firsts are that good. It was a feat, an achievement, and ground breaking… but it is just that.
People learn from all their firsts. Then on the second one, intelligent and adaptive people make it better and improve what needs to be upgraded.
Hats off to the organizers of the first ever Phil-Bike Expo 2014. Their passion for cycling has truly taken form here. Take away all the money and politics involved, I believe this convention shall pave the way for future Bike Expos and truly mark that cycling is here to stay.
The World Trade Center in Pasay is an ideal venue for the expo. If there was more space for bike testing outside, it could have been perfect. Exhibitors should have at least a bike demo unit so riders can have an actual feel of the bicycle.
When you go inside the venue, the Custom Low Riders represent their community with their most bad ass bikes. On the opposite end, the fixed bikes representing their community are all piled up one after the other. I really did not get to appreciate the fixies because there were too many of them in a given space. They should have at least given more space to the fixies so people can appreciate better the works of art on these bikes. (mental note: have more space for exhibits)
Inside the venue is a showcase of Pinarello, Mars Kingdom, Felt, Shimano, Foes, Nyfti, Phat Kat and others. There were talks and discussions on the center of the exhibit. At the end of the hall, there is a half pipe for the BMX riders to play with. Goldsprint also set-up their high tech race machine.
The stuff that were new to me were Nyfti and Phat Kat.
Nyfti is a folding bike company that was conceptualized by cyclists who needed a new folding concept. Their 16 inch compact bike is something to look at. I shall devote another article just for them. I am excited to try their bike out.
Phat Kat was featured in Eat Bulaga by Wally and Jose. These fat cruisers are owned by a Canadian who is based in the Philippines. Their factory is in Taiwan, but they roll thier bikes here in the Philippines for distribution. I hope these two starting companies make it big in the cycling industry. DSC04361
Mars Kingdom is a major sponsor for the event so they got a big space, showcasing their neat budget bikes. Hats off to Mars Kingdom.
Here are some pictures:
What is an expo without the pretty ladies?
There were fatties hanging outside the venue.
In conclusion, it was all worth it. Now that we have one, the next ones would be easier and better. I shall keep their ID for it would surely be a memorabilla. “Your unforgettable 1st.”

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