October 1, 2014 Comments Blog Posts

Pedal Your Way to This!

Bike videos are often associated with rock songs because they are hard hitting and action packed.

Dirty Rock is a new term coined by the lead man of Peso Movement to describe their type of music. Other writers often call a group a “super group” when the musicians were former members of established bands. I don’t wanna call them that, even if Francis Reyes was the lead guitarist of The Dawn and Japs Sergio was the bassist of Rivermaya. For me, Peso Movement is a hard-hitting-slam-dance-head-banging-awesome-group. Don’t wanna believe me? Try to catch them live and you’ll feel it.

Peso Movement’s new album, The Gentle Sound of Chaos is now available. It is a great album musically. Perfect for those solo bike sessions. Go listen!

Incidentally, the drummer of Peso Movement, Kurt Floresca is an avid biker.
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