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October 1, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Pedal Your Way to This!

Bike videos are often associated with rock songs because they are hard hitting and action packed.
Dirty Rock is a new term coined by the lead man of Peso Movement to describe their type of music. Other writers often call a group a “super group” when the musicians were former members of established bands. I don’t wanna call them that, even if Francis Reyes was the lead guitarist of The Dawn and Japs Sergio was the bassist of Rivermaya. For me, Peso Movement is a hard-hitting-slam-dance-head-banging-awesome-group. Don’t wanna believe me? Try to catch them live and you’ll feel it.
Peso Movement’s new album, The Gentle Sound of Chaos is now available. It is a great album musically. Perfect for those solo bike sessions. Go listen!

Incidentally, the drummer of Peso Movement, Kurt Floresca is an avid biker.
Peso Black Study

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