April 13, 2009 Comments Adventure, Blog Posts


Had a looong black Sabbath ride last Saturday with some buddies. My favorite ride partner and some close bike friends. No cyclometer, no plan, no map, it was a bike out towards the mountain. Had a hearty bulalo after a long side trip and the ride was full of color. From Boso-boso to Binayoyo to PIntong Bukawe to wawa the mall. Had some spills here and there, blame it on the new shoes or the old tires, but it was all good. The halo-halo was fantastic, the people were friendly and the experience was priceless.
From time to time, I wonder why I bike and endure the pain of climbing uphill under the heat of the sun, but the answers come quickly once Mama nature explodes in all her wonder and I just stare at her in awe.
The food tastes better, the friendship is stronger and the whole being is happier after biking. Truly, after patayan, there’s light at the end of the ride.



  1. had my pagbabalik ride earlier today after a month long hiatus. heat was scorching but totoo ka, there’ nothing like enjoying mama nature at her finest. lahat na lang ng pangaaaliw sa sarili naisip ko na during difficult hot climbs kanina pero it was all worth it.

  2. Danny Andag says:

    it was the old tires:) the new shoes were great for climbing, but not built for spills

  3. Gabz Marigza says:

    i think it was the old tires plus the loose rocks…. and marv’s discovery of the worn out brake pads… and also the new shoes???? 🙂

  4. Danny Andag says:

    + the weight of the camera and did I mention the bald as my hair tires hehe

  5. Danny Andag says:

    + the weight of the camera and did I mention the bald as my hair tires hehe

  6. May time na mejo maiinit na ang ulo natin. Buti na lang, biniyayaan tayo ni Lord.

  7. Danny Andag says:

    Biyaya ng Lord, dumaan sa Heavens Gate at tinulungan tayong umakyat

  8. Gino Tan says:

    Wala photos? Para mainggit ako.. I missed this ride again

  9. here are the photos by the Hardcore photographer/mountainbiker who wants to finish the uphill and don’t wanna ride the biyaya from heavens gate, Kaniboy.


    copy and paste. enjoy. thanks for the pics Kani.