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September 14, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Pacquiao Knows The Solution To Traffic: Biking

Pac Knows.
The cycling social media got stirred up recently when pictures of The People’s Champ, Manny Pacquiao surfaced mounting a Pivot mountain bike with a neon green DVO front fork. Manny Pacquiao cycling pic  by Jerome Morales
Pacman masahe muna
prep the bike of Manny Pacquiao
ride ni Pacman pic by goy larrazabal
It came out the same time that Metro Manila had a “CARmageddon” turning the city into a giant parking lot. Flash flooding + rush hour volume + rain = Crazy Heavy Traffic.
Everybody had their own rant and shout out in social media regarding the horrendous jam. One of my favorite posts is from Robert Quebral, a film and television director who is an avid cyclist and bike collector.
traffic by robert q
To put his post bluntly: If you don’t want to get trapped in the jam, then go ride your bike.
Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
One Less Car. There are no gym fees when you pedal. The bike commuter helps reduce the carbon footprint by not burning fossil fuels. It is so simple and economical. No parking fees, no gas bills.
We wouldn’t want Magneto to take over the reign as MMDA tzar, right?
traffic by Magneto
The solution to traffic is simple. Go out and ride your bike.

photo credits: Goy Larrazabal, Jerome Morales, Alas Ponce.

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