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New Rubber For Your Bike

Buying new tires for your bike is very important. As a bike connoisseur, I appreciate the wheels then its frame. If the wheel set is wrapped in good rubber and it matches the over-all look of the bike, it is instantly a handsome bicycle. The color of the frame, its shape and curves are all gravy to the bike. What people instantly notice are the wheels.
This goes for all kinds of bikes; road, mountain, BMX, cruiser or foldable, everyone notices what kind of rubber is wrapped in your ride.
Some don’t even care what tire to put in the bike. Aside from the aesthetics, there are a lot to consider on the proper tire for your bike.
1. Traction. Does it give you maximum traction? When fully inflated, how many percent of the tire actually touch the ground?
2. Rubber compound. Soft rubber compound is stickier on concrete BUT faster to wear out. Hard rubber compound is less sticky BUT it takes longer to wear out.
3. Correct pattern/ Thread design. Research and development takes months and years to actually produce the correct design for maximum roll resistance, side knobs, water splat and all that technicality we don’t have to know.
4. Weight. The mass of the tire is usually relative to the thickness of the tire. But in some cases, they put space-grade-alien-technology-science-fiction materials in the tire so that it won’t easily get punctured.
5. Price. You are familiar with the term, “bang for the buck”? The best tire is a mixture of good quality for the right price. You are not paying for the expensive marketing the brand spent on some under quality tire.
I recently bought a Maxxis Minion DH-F for my freeride mountain bike. I got a 26 x 2.35 tire, a downhill specific tire made for the front wheel. I rotated my tire and put the front one at the rear wheel and mounted my new tire in front. Instantly, I felt the sticky rubber making squishy noise upon contact on concrete. I have been a big fan of the DH-F ever since I tried them on my full sus bike. This tire is not for the weight weeny for it is on the heavy side due to all that knobby rubber that sticks out. These knobs are the traction that will make you climb those muddy single track with ease. With new Minions, I never had a hard time climbing trails nor loosing grip on those really fast berms. The side knobs work wonders when it comes down to those fast switchbacks.
This tire is NOT for all mountain bikers. If you ride downhill, all mountain or freeride, this the tire for you. Nuff’ said.

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