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April 13, 2015 Comments (0) Bike Trials, Blog Posts

New Playground at BaseCamp

20150409 basekamp (52)
The Mountain Goats took a ride during the Araw ng Kagitingan 2015 celebration. It was a holiday so we got our goat asses over to Timberland for some trail riding. I informed them about the new bike trail that is currently on the works at the Basekamp property. Being a ride-anywhere troop, the Mountain Goats agreed to give Basekamp a go. From Timberland, we went straight to the Giant store, passed the basic trail and all the other fun trails left and right. We got to Basekamp and rested by the little restaurant up the hill.
The view was astonishing up at Basekamp so we killed a lot of time there. There were plenty of supplies in their store (refreshments, lugaw, nilaga, bisquits, chips, draft beer) so hanging out is not a problem.
Fun Part
After a lot of laughs and jokes at the refreshment area, we went down and bombed the trail. The short track starts with a fast downhill section with jumps and options. It is quite fast and if you choose to jump, make sure you are well skilled and properly protected. A helmet is a requirement, plus knee and elbow pads can help you boost your confidence in conquering the dirt mounds. Too chicken to go through the dirt mounds? It is perfectly fine, there are options beside the jump and these options would actually save you from spilling.
20150409 basekamp (36)
Just like any track, it has its ups and downs. The pedal up is grueling but with the proper gear, you can conquer it. Some of the hairpin climbs are true tests of will and endurance, yet if you give it your all, it can be done. There’s loose soil in some of the ascents (because the trail is relatively new as of publishing this article), but with proper packing and maintenance, it will eventually even up.
20150409 basekamp (40)
We parked our bikes in one part of the trail where there were hammocks and chilled. We analyzed the 3km track and discussed the best parts of the trail and took turns in lying down the hammock. When we were bored from resting, we decided to visit the 10 Commandments rest stop. We climbed back to the top of BaseCamp and pedaled towards the 10 Commandments peak.
We took more pictures and told more stories. We wanted to explore the trails but we had to go back home for lunch. The Goats had too much fun for a day’s ride. We went home happy and contented.
20150409 basekamp (51)
How to Go There
You can go up to Timberland and go through the Basic trail and you will end up in the road of the Giant Store, Pestano Farm, etc. On that road, you will also find BaseCamp.
If you want to bring a vehicle up to BaseCamp, you can go up through the Cogeo road and when you hit Cabading Elementary School, make a left. Just follow the road because that is the road going to BaseCamp. You can’t miss it, if there is a fork on the road, just ask the locals where is the road going to Timberland. They will show you the way.
To be more high tech about it: here is their google maps link:

20150409 basekamp (12)
20150409 basekamp (18)
Fun Ride
Basekamp is a fun and short ride which would definitely scratch the bike itch in everyone.
20150409 basekamp (57)
*We would like to thank Spyder for our helmets and shades.

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