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January 14, 2013 Comments (2) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

MTB trails @ the Fort

We took a break from the usual climb up the mountain to ride some man made trails at the Fort Bonifacio base. The gang met up at Mickey D’s and pedaled our way South towards the Fort. God granted us good weather, with slight overcast skies. It rained the night before so we were weary that it might rain again the following morning, but He gave us a perfect weather for biking in the Metro.
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We took C5 going south and made a wrong turn at McKinley Hill entering the Fort. We should have took Bayani Road for the entrance to Gate 6 is at Bayani Road. Its all good for we got to train some uphill climbing on our way there, simulating the mountain experience. We finally arrived at Gate 6 of Fort Bonifacio, left an I.D. (just one for the whole group) and made our way towards the MTB trail.


The MTB trail was a helmet zone so you can NOT ride the trail with out a head protection on. Pay 50Php and you are good to go at it for the rest of the day. Stage one of the trail gives you a muddy (because it rained the night before) slalom track filled with turns and loose soil (when wet). There were lots of roots and the first stage is fun thanks to the shade the trees gave. Stage two starts after the SEB Kamayan (restaurant) and it is drier than stage one because there were less trees. The edge of the track runs through McKinley Hill. There were surprising ascends and fast descents which would really put your technical skills to good use. You should choose your line well because it is quite impossible to climb some parts (if the soil is wet). You should be prepared with the right gear when attacking the climbs because the knobs of the bike might not hold. The turns and other hairpins in the trail were creatively named by the makers. So you would know where you are exactly and maybe there is a lot of history in those turns.
There are some jumps and mounds which fourcross fans would love to huck hard. There is also a spot wherein you drop fast and there is an option to go left (not jump) or go right (take the jump). We shot some videos there and had a blast.
After riding the single track trail, we chilled at the restaurant and ate heartily. Some ate the classic inihaw na liempo and really crispy fried chicken. Other riders opted for the nilagang baka. Everything tasted heavenly after a ride like that. The wind was blowing hard and everybody wanted to take a siesta under the tree.
A friend told me that there was another trail inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani so we decided to check it out. We took Bayani road again, this time going back to C5 and we found the Heroes Bike Trail. Renewed with energy, thanks to the full lunch meal, we hucked the trail. The lines were more fun for it was wider and newer. The hairpins and surprise ascents were a blast to ride. The dirt, roots and descents brought smiles to all our faces.

The expert stage of the trail offers the riders a series of mounds which greatly needs improvement. The makers should put in berms for the fast turns and the jumps should have an apex on which jump boys can pop a jump to. Serious jump pros don’t need these apex but this is where expertly made trails draw a line to the ones that are just made for fun. If you want good clean mountain biking fun, the Heroes Trail is the latest trail that is happening right now. It just opened last December 2012, we all had a blast at the trail and we are definitely going back there. Among the man made trails in the city, the Heroes Trail is the best so far. When you ride it, you will feel like a hero.



2 Responses to MTB trails @ the Fort

  1. Gene Wesley says:

    Can you please give some specific directions to the trail head for the “Heroes Trail” inside the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” starting from Gate 6 on Bayani Road. I am a new MTBer expat living at the Fort and in search of locals to link up and ride. I am not in very good shape at the moment but looking to get there over the next 6 months. Salamat sa inyong lahat 😉

  2. giussef says:

    From the Fort, BGC, take Bayani Road and go straight up going to C5 southbound. When you see gate 6 on your left, the road will fork and you should take the one going left. The Heroes Trail gate will be around 100-150 meters on your right.
    Ride Hard, Ride Safe!

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