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February 22, 2019 Comments (0) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Mt. Shotgun Plus Another Trail Equals Fun.

The gang got back to our old stomping grounds to ride our bikes. It is just sad that our usual playground inside the Timberland Estates is closed to the general public. They prevent letting just anyone ride the single track of Timberland in preparation for the 711 Trail 2019. They say after the race, they will let people use the Blue zone and Green zone for a minimal fee. There goes our free trails! We saw in Jayson the Trailbuilder’s post in his social media that he is paving a new trail in San Mateo. So we hit him up and inquired where his new playground is.

The Trail to Wawa

I inquired through Jayson the where, how, what and other questions needed to find the trail. Just go up shotgun, at the end of the road, ask the guard where the trail head is. They can show you the left secret entrance to the wonderful world of rolls and downs.

Legend of the Shotgun Climb

So the Mountain Goats agreed to take on this exploration ride, not knowing what we were getting into. Since the goats are always G, we climbed shotgun like how we do it, with our own energy. Downhill riders have sustained the motorcyle hila boys industry to the point that it is normal in that road. So we endured the long, steep and hard climb. It was a sunny day, so it reminded us that compared to The Wall, this is the harder version of it for it was literally all descent. The recoveries are almost non existent, and the grade was unspeakable.

Do you know why Shotgun was branded as Shotgun? If you do, please comment below and tell us your own version of the Shotgun. We have heard of the story and legend, yet they are all tales… I believe there is a deeper story.

The trail is FUN.

When Jayson mentioned to me that it is all downhill, I got the shivers just thinking about it. After paying your dues on the up-hell climb of shotgun, you can reap your reward on this trail. Rolling downhill goodness that is paved and rolled. The day I rode it, the soil was kinda loose and powdery. It hasn’t rained for a few days so the trail was not that packed.

The ride was so natural to the ground, that you could feel the natural flow, as if you were water running down the water path. The trail traversed through two mountains and a few hills.

What comes up must come down

After doing the down of Shotgun on the trail, it was time to climb again. The climbs were almost impossible for mortal bikers. If you were a UCI trained MTBiker from Switzerland, maybe you can climb them, but you would have to stop as well. We pushed our bikes up.

In the words of my brother in biking: Eumorpho Lakas Tulak!

We saw a group of Motocross riders during one of our stops. I saw an old workmate from my previous job and we chatted. He mentioned that since Timberland closed down, they commissioned Jayson and the boys to clear the trails so it can be used. More open trails, more fun for outdoor freaks like us. The trail runners would benefit, the mountain bikers, the motocross riders, everyone! I commended their effort and much appreciation was sent.


I always love crossing streams, yet this one had a wooden bridge on it, mark of a well designed trail.

The first part of the single track reminded me of the old fast sections of the Timberland Green zone before. The drops and downhill sections were relatively steep than usual. The ride was indescribable. It was like discovering something really precious and you want to be greedy about it instantly. Yet when you realize how good the single track is, you would want your fellow MTBikers to illicit that same feeling. There are drawbacks and underlying effects when I share this post, but when we look at the grand picture of life, maybe I am part of the puzzle that would actually help in promoting this new path to Wawa.

monkeys dig this trail.
the trail vs. the rigid Surly
How fun is the downhill? Equals how dreaded is the uphill.

Mountain Fun

The trail is relatively new for riders. The track has not yet been packed for the soil is still loose and dry. The path needs to be packed more. We need more rain to shape everything, so this trail needs to mature over the summer. If after the 711 race, the Bluezone will be open to the public again, this trail just might be a secret fun spot.

We ran out of water due to the scorching heat of the sun, plus we were dead tired in pushing our bikes up the impossible steep climbs. So imagine the relief we felt when we saw a biker/runner’s stop somewhere near Wawa. It was a small sari-sari store which sold fresh buko juice. It was the perfect drink for weary and exhausted bikers. After the store, it was all downhill from there. We landed in a barangay near Wawa and pedaled our way back home.

nature all around

MG Harkor OG
Wasup to Fox Racing Ph

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