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Mt. Maarat Trails circa 2013

Mt. Maarat Trails circa 2013

Maarat timberland 2013


Travel back in time as you watch this amazing video edited by my good friend and mountainbiker extraordinaire, Pao Caro. Back then, things were simpler and less complicated. Riding Timberland meant you had to endure the Wall or shotgun, climb your bike all the way up. The hard climb is part of the morning routine. Nowadays, some spoiled bikers carry their bikes on vehicles and cheat their way up to the top. People with cars park at the Timberland Nature Club and start their trail ride up there. For some purists, that’s the easy way… and it’s NOT the way. Mountainbiking means using your granny when battling the Wall, and telling your body not to stop even if everyone else is stopping. That is just the climb…

Once you are in the basic trail, you gotta choose where to go. There are so many trails in the vast network of Maarat-Sierra Madre. Just don’t get lost, and be careful when wandering too far. But as long as you know the main arteries of Basic and Roxas, you are safe. Sooner or later, you will see a house here and there, you can ask for directions on how to go out in the maze of trails.

The trails back then were footpaths and not so manicured. Other spots were groomed, for XC races, but none as good as how they are manicured now (with berms and all). The trails were fun and fast. They were muddy (they still are) and loaded with awesomeness.


Don’t want to believe us?

Enjoy the video. Happy long Weekend netizens!