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Mountain Bike Tire Width Is Like Boob Size.

Mountain Bike Tire Width Is Like Boob Size. They are by preference

Mountain Bike Tire Width Is Like Boob Size.

Each person has his own preference size —just like the width of your bike tire. Sometimes its great to have it so big. But do you really need all that?

It depends on your preferred ride— and size. You want it thin, lithe? almost not there? —– short even knobs, perfect for dust and packed conditions. Much like a small perky with cute erasers would feel. 

XC weight weeny racer type with small perky tits

Are you concerned about grip and bounce? You want it thick? (with just the right amount of grip and just stands there proud and very NICE.)

Managing the “balance”

Or do you want it Plus sized? Ample, big and juicy. Much more of a Renaissance womanish type of build. These are the curves that Michaelangelo and Raphael used to draw.

Some like it double D. Big porn star tires screaming, “Look at me!” Over the cliff excessive bigness. 

It really is hard to decide which one is perfect for you. You want them all at the same time. You simply want to have ’em! You just have to believe that you can handle them. There ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Choices in life.

And we just go back to the original statement that it is REALLY by preference. How will you use it? Will it be for flaunting? Or pure pleasure? For the visual satisfaction? It is relative on how well you can handle the boob and the tire, it is more maximum enjoyment. 

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