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Mount Maarat Mud

Early Sunday morning ritual is to pedal from the house all the way to the Sierra Madre mountain range. maarat blue 12-14-14 (5)
Meet up with other bikers, chat about biking, discuss the latest bikes, talk about cycling and just enjoy the view from the top, thanks to your mountain bike. That is mountain riding.
maarat blue 12-14-14 john n marv
maarat blue 12-14-14 (3)
The trails always grow different in such a way that every ride is a challenge. Depending on the weather condition the past days, the trail can sometimes be challenging AND/OR easy. Why and/or?
Sometimes, even if you’ve memorized all those ruts and berms, there would always be a challenge that nature gives to the rider.
The Blue trail is different when its dry and totally insane when its wet.
These three words best describe the single track of the Blue Zone when it’s wet. The water ruts magnet your front tire into it and if you fall into it, you either get back up to the track or get eaten by the natural flow of the water.
If I fall into the rut, I try my best to ride back up to the apex. I let my Maxxis DHF 2.35s do the job.
Remember: Where you point the front wheel, that’s where the bike goes. So look ahead/afar and point the front wheel there!
maarat blue 12-14-14 (8)
Enjoy Trail Riding!
Please proceed to the Timberland Nature Club. Follow the road and turn right 400 meters before the road ends. Welcome to the Blue Zone. Or you can leave a message here at and the Mountain Goats would be glad to guide you around.
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