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metro bikes

messenger bikes. . . wanna go fast, yet still look cool?
Here are some of the sleek fast METRObikes
no wires, single speed, metro


  1. preppy puppy says:

    this type wheel at the front!

  2. preppy puppy says:

    kuya boli.. so i have this idea right.. hehe.. dun sa space sa gitna.. i wanna turn it into a mechanical interior of a clock or a robot.. ung mga wheels nya n stuff.. nothing fancy para lang it looks like a machine hehe and then dun sa may set part behind it is a faux wind up token like what ud use in an antique japanese robot pero yeah still thinking about it.. and to see if its possible to add it wo damaging the bike n adding too much weight hehe.. syet with all these thing baka gusto ko na lng idisplay yung bike at d na sakyan haha

  3. preppy puppy says:

    i meant seat part pala hehe

  4. preppy puppy says:

    oh and i meant the wheels thingies inside a clock.. im not sure what theyre called.. basta un haha

  5. bam vasquez says:

    this one is cool: damn…aerospoke wheels are one of the most expensive

  6. Steve Mason says:


  7. jun ureta says:

    is this for sale? how much po I’m interested.tnx

  8. --- ---- says:

    what’s your shop’s landline number?

  9. Hi how much yung ganto? For cruising lang around the village sana 🙂

  10. mahal yan kasi naka mags sa harap. Meron akong binebenta, di naka mags, you choose the color… check it out at messanger bikes.