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Memories of the Mt. Ugo Epic Adventure

Mt. Ugo Adventure Ride

ugo ride 2016

Our merry band of riders went to Mt. Ugo to experience what others have been raving about. We planned, scouted, and invited some riders to make the Mt. Ugo Adventure possible. The group was an eclectic mix of outdoor lovers who like to ride. We had a pre-ride meeting to talk about our expectations, what to bring and basically planned out our journey. We were all from Metro Manila, except for one: Jonathan. He is a veteran downhiller from Mindoro who used to ride from Batangas all the way to Los Banos when he was in college.

After all our preparations, we communicated via Facebook messenger so we were all set to ride. One guy whom we met through a Facebook group attended a meeting but on the day of departure did not bother to show up and there was even no “sorry-I’m-not-going-anymore-guys”. We assumed his family did not permit him to go and we were just sad that he did not even inform us that he is backing out.

We left the city and drove all the way to Baguio using two vehicles. By strange chance, our group met each other in a gas station before Kennon road, so introductions were made there. It was a cold morning and everyone was revved up for Mt. Ugo. We arrived in Baguio and parked in the village of the friend of our guidemaster, Ohmar. We prepared our bikes and loaded them plus stuff into the jeepney which would bring us to Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya.

We had our pre-ride briefing and a lot of pleasantries were exchanged. Jollibee was our breakfast in Session road before we finally drove off to Kayapa. We arrived at Kayapa and we fixed our gear and bags. One rider even had a problem with his brake lever, good thing we were able to fix it. We had our porters carry our overnight bags/gear and we had in our day packs our water supply and other essentials only. It was a sunny day to ride. We said our prayers, asked for traveling mercies and the climbing started there.

We reached a local elementary school and decided to spend the night there instead of camping out in the wilderness. It was a good decision because it started to rain that night and it was a blessing that we had roofs over our heads and a nice classroom to protect us from the elements.

The next morning, we commenced climbing hoping to reach the summit of Ugo by lunch time. It was a slow and tedious journey. We reached the summit by two pm and we ate our packed lunch on top of the world. There was no view up there… just clouds. It was all white and fluffy everywhere you look. We were all tired. But very happy.


Its all downhill from there.

We shall never forget our Mt. Ugo experience.

Hope you enjoy our short video. This is by far the most unforgettable mountainbike experience for all of us. We started out as ride mates and went down as bike brothers bonded by Ugo.


guide elsa

Elsa our guide

Ernesto our guide

Ernesto our guide















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The group plans to go back to Mt. Ugo. We shall shoot more video and ride more. There will be more interviews and awesome trail riding in the full video. Watch out for that! Ride hard!

Cheers and big shout out to our friendly sponsors: Spyder Philippines, Gatorade, Columbia Sportwear, Glorious Ride Bike Shop. Thanks for all the support guys!