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May 4, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

May The Force Be With You

Tapping the Force within us requires skill and training. Once you’ve learned the ways of the Force, life would be so much easier. May 4 is the unofficial Star Wars geek day so I did my research on the world wide web and compiled some of the coolest Star Wars-Bicycle-related pictures.
Chewy is so cool, he has to be a Hipster.
Chewy fixie
Credit to: Matthew Fleming Prints available at Society6
gotta love LEGO.
art trooper
Troopers get a flat too.
changing tires
No more training wheels!!!
lego trooperdaddy trooper is proud
Troopers must be fast
trooper riding a ridley
Helmets and bicycles, a lot have devoted their time in customizing their toys for George Lucas’ creation. We have to give credit to the guy, he invented Yoda!
stormtrooper-bike-2 by cycleexif
photo credit to CycleEXIF
Han Solo and Chewy are two of the craziest characters in the Star Wars series. photo credit to Chris McVeigh of
vader by tumblr_m43gejjTYi1qg7nx1o1_500
“I am your father…”
What’s the hype all about?
Try watching Star Wars from episode I to VI. It will change your life forever.
May The Force Be With You.

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