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December 3, 2013 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts, Reviews

Mass Ride Reflections

It’s fun to join mass rides. In the past month, I got to join three organized Metro Manila rides which I think is too near with each other. Too near meaning the dates were set too close with each other that one would dilute the others.
First was the Araw ng Siklista–
This was organized by the Jedis of cycling. Cycad guys were known to be old school and their knowledge and experience in biking stretch as far back as post war years. They are the grand daddies and tatays of the generation now. No internet and organizational skills, just old school word of mouth. If you tell ’em you will attend, its your word on the line. They are not tech savy, but they can ride the hell out of you.
Next was the 15th Tour of the Fireflies–
A newbie biker should not miss this event for this is an easy Metro Manila parade with hundreds of marshals to help you out. Bikers who ride the Firefly is an eclectic mix of old schoolers, fixie gang, low riders, territorial bike groups, mountain weekend warriors, roadies, families, lovers, and a lot more. It used to be this happy slow parade which women and kids can ride. Through the years, it has evolved, from the UP days, to the much sponsored Firefly lighting days to the political rides (I vote to ride), it has evolved into something really big now.
Then there was the Dakila sponsored event, Bayanihan Ride for Yolanda Survivors–
This took off from the QC Circle, around Quezon City, then back to Circle. It is a short parade, packed and organized by a small happy group of riders. They were the most happy of all the marshals for all three rides. The pace was just right, the cause was perfect. At the tail end of the group, I saw two marshals pushing a heavy rider to catch up with the group. Now that is heart.
Why didn’t we just have ONE BIG ride on one date?
Everybody cooperates. Everybody pitches in their great idea. All groups pledge their best riders to marshal the slow ones.
The bikers need tarpaulins and sign boards so on lookers know what’s up. OK so they see a huge number of bikers, so what? Bike for what?
If we are fighting for clean air, we need huge banners and flags that would fly above us, making a statement for everybody.
Let us all work together to make it a fun ride. Costumes? Why not? Just for laughs. and for the people’s sake. I personally ride the Firefly event wearing a costume just to break the monotony of the event.
Amazona or Grasa– its all the same.
Here are some pictures all mixed together from the past three rides.
We got the jumpers.
We got the fixers.
No boundaries, no gender, no bias. Let us all ride as ONE.
No judgement. No discrimination.

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