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This is the big IDEA.
To have a grand event to gather the bikers from all over the country in this one big event to be held in Marikina.
There will short sprint races, one big parade of the bikes (to break a world record, I hope!), tents, bike shops, swap meets, and the whole idea of bar-b-quing and biking under the sun, beside the river!
Sponsored by BF and MCF. (kaya nga MCFiesta eh! )
This will be a yearly event.
During the said event, more bicycle lanes will be opened/innagurated by the President.
This will promote biking as an alterntative form of tranportation. (AWARENESS)
Within the camp grounds, there will be seminars on how to fix your bike, taught by gorgeous ladies wearing tight cycling gear.
There will also be riding tips by PRO riders, they will share their diet, training habits and other concerns for the average biker.
People can sign up and be part of RIDING groups who organize rides wekly, bi-monthly and monthly.
There will also be seminars on how to be a bike mechanic, how to be a PRO biker, etc.
Bike videos: Downhill, Trials, FREERIDE, 4cross and other ride videos will be played in big screens around the venue.
There will also be short parlor games in other areas. E.g.: Palaro ng John Wilke Bike shop. The games would be creative parlor games bridging the bikes and the riders.
We shall invite BIke ICONS like Lance Armstrong and other Olympian bike superstars in road , in flatland, trials, and FreeRIDE.
Bike manufactuers will have a grand day out for we can also have test bikes wherein they can ride the sample bikes and dry run their most coveted bike.                       


  1. huh? details? info? ???

    -ayun! delayed lang pala… 😀 thanks sa info…


  2. pagkatapos ng madaming meetingssssssssss…

  3. sounds good. tastes even better. let’s do it!