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September 12, 2018 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Slider

Manila Traffic Solution: Bike For Every Person

Para trapik ay maiwasan, 

Bike ang kailangan!

It is the year 2018. The Philippines is in terrible turmoil due to the rise of poverty and looming inflation. Gas prices are soaring and the morale is down. 

Our suggested solution to ease our situation: Ride a bicycle.

Scientific studies have shown that cycling makes people happy because pedaling releases the happy hormones in our body. (that addresses the low morale of the country)

If we take on the energy powered bicycle, cars would lessen in the major roads and we shall also lessen our carbon footprint. We shall not be spending too much on gasoline (stopping us from complaining on the rising price of crude oil)

traffic always

Traffic is so bad in Metro Manila that the residents have adopted to it already. They watch videos, sleep, look at social media while wasting their time inside cars. But instead of wasting time inside vehicles, burning gas, can’t we just pedal it and move more efficiently? Free work out too! (Cardio, yo!)

“The weather in our city is so bad, it is not advisable to bike commute.” That is a wrong notion. Worried about the sun? Wear sunblock! You’ll feel and smell like the beach (plus sunlight is good for your skin— it produces Vitamin D) Worried that you will smell bad? Change your shirt, wash your face and soap your neck and back of the ear. You will feel more fresh than the guy beside you who got stressed sitting in traffic for two to three hours.

a good commuter bike is comfortable, reliable and not too flashy.

This proposal would work if Filipinos shift to the environmental mindset. I am encouraging all bikers who read this article to share the word. Let us be vocal with our plight to eradicate traffic and go cycling. Establishments and offices should also take part in this movement because cyclists need bike parking and showers in different institutions. Bike racks which you can chain your bike to and washrooms with proper running water where you can change shirt and freshen up. Those are some key elements which we need in order to move forward with this. Bike lanes are there already. Let us maximize and ride!

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