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Retro Mountain Bike Ride

March 15, 2013 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts

Maarat Magic

Riding in the mountain has a certain appeal for boys because it is like playing in one humongous playground. When among friends, there are no pretensions, the normal rowdy and boisterous mocking and taunting is all part of the “ride”.
Guys share common experiences due to that odd rut and impassable gap, which will be the topic of the chitchat on the thrill of the adventure. There’s a lot of laughter when boys get together after the ride. Bonding. All Good.
mar 15 timberland Ryans first (3)
***keep the group small. The bigger the group, the longer you have to wait for other riders. It’s not easy to tend a big herd. The bigger the group, the longer you have to chitchat. Downtime outweighs ride time. 6 is a good number for riding. 3 is the minimum number for riding out in the forest. Why 3? If something happens, one can ride out to get help and the other 2 can stick together.

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