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Logistics of a Long Ride

It is not easy organizing a long ride. The logistics of an epic are quite taxing.

Logistics of a Long Ride

Have a destination.

Choosing the destination is as hard as the whole organization itself. Brainstorming on ideas and naming a lot of different location would entail the pros and cons checklist. Then the challenge arises: Do we really need a destination?

Logistics of a Long Ride

Logistics of a Long Ride









Where do we meet? Where do we start? Do we leave the car here or ride with mates? Much more complications if one needs to go home early. “I can only ride up to 4pm.”

“I need to get back by 5:30.”

“I have a curfew and promised my ____ I’ll be home by ____.”

This really shakes up the planning and logistics because we have to somehow adjust the distance and riding time. But they’re all good. We understand, we just have to plan ahead.

Logistics of a Long Ride

Logistics of a Long Ride








Communicate with ride mates.

It used to be the land line, then the pager, then text messaging. It later evolved into social media communication then now into mobile apps. Because we are now connected to one another one way or the other, it is easier now.

Logistics of a Long Ride

Waiting at the meet up.

Find ways on how to amuse yourself when waiting. Technology has made us impatient. Well, at least we know if our ride mate is awake already and their whereabouts. If they don’t answer in the text or call, then that is a dilemma. One has to decide if we leave the rider or just delay the whole group.

One classic is the late guy who just woke up and is just leaving their house while everyone is at the rendezvous point, about to finish breakfast. Depends on the level of closeness of the group, there will be shots fired at the tardy biker.


Yet despite all the technicalities and delays and mishaps… its always worth it.

Especially if you get to edit and produce the videos you shot…

But all the preparations (and hassles along with them) will be forgotten and forgiven after the epic ride. When the bikers close their eyes and ponder… THE EPIC RIDE IS WORTH IT!

Enjoy the vacation and always ride safe, guys!