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Lessons Learned From Cycling

We can learn from anything that we do. Whether it is playing video games, watching videos, eating, drinking, or whatever activity that you indulge in, there are lessons picked from it. The important thing to take note is that we should be aware of what those lessons are and improve for the better.


Here are some lessons learned from cycling:

1. BALANCE – “Live life with balance” is one of the favorite mantras of Valleybikes.net. Not too left, not too right, ain’t so good, ain’t so bad… just right smack middle. Balance is that perfect median in our life as a biker.



2. DISCIPLINE– Weekend cyclists usually wake up in the early hours of the morning to go far before the sun rises. This means going to bed early in order to have energy for the long pedal in the morning. Thus the late night drinking, partying and all the vices during the weekend need to be cut down. Smoking cigarettes abuses the lungs and bikers greatly need that lung power for the long climbs… ergo, quit them cancer sticks (just chew a celery stick). So becoming a better cyclist entails good discipline. Yes, you may still choose to party hard, but you can feel the “burn” come bike day. It’s all up to you.


lessons learned from cycling



3. CHOOSE WISELY– road or trail? knobby or slick? carbon or steel? There are so many choices under the category “biking”. Shimano or SRAM? Italian or Japanese? Wheel size, length of travel, components, so many things to consider, but you should ponder deeply on all the options. It is all up to the rider on making the appropriate choice. Deciding is one skill we should be very good at. It dictates our future.

Lessons Learned Cycling

choices, choices…


4. NATURE APPRECIATION– greener choice, no gasoline, less carbon footprint, healthy air, environmentalist, nature lover, and all other monikers are associated with biking and nature. When cycling, Mother Nature usually sends out intense visuals like sunset, sunrise and all other beauties she has to offer. Mountain ranges and spectacular views are often rewards for long distance travel. When you mesmerize in awe with the overload of  visuals, you will morph into a nature fan yourself.

Lessons Learned Cycling

nature lover



5. MAINTENANCE– A bicycle should be well maintained so there would be no break down during long rides. You had trouble before due to lack of maintenance, like a worn out brake pad, dry chain or something else? Don’t let it happen again.  If you visit the bike shop often enough, bring your bike with you and maintain it to be in tip top shape. Maintenance is very far from upgrade (mind you). Maintenance is having your bike mechanic tweak it every quarter and look for loose ends. In comparison to our own body and mind, we must maintain ourselves also. Proper diet, exercise and refrain from abusing our body because in the long run, it is us who will suffer when we do not take care of our amazing biology.

Lessons Learned Cycling

Thanks to Aissa for the photo and making it all the way to the East.