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August 13, 2015 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts, Reviews

Legend of the Jump Bike (Fire Eye Spitfire)

IT is written that the bicycle should match the skills of the rider. Show me your bike and I can guess your ride performance and social stature. Still, there are others who simply like to pimp up their bikes because they love seeing nice aesthetics, but that’s about it. There is imbalance in the force with that.
The true cyclist knows what to put in to his/her ride. Years of pedaling brought knowledge into the rider and they know what to upgrade depending on their needs.
Fireeye spitfire (3)
This is a serious jump bike. It is seeking for a worthy knight to tame it. Are you worthy enough?
Specs of the Fire eye spitfire jump bike:
Fire eye Spitfire frame
Blkmrkt stem
Fire eye handlebar
Fire eye headset
Enemy grips
Shimano Deore Hydraulic brakes
Spank Tweet28 rims
Fire eye hubs
Kenda Small Block eight tires
Shimano Deore crank set
AC bash guard
Fire eye pedals
Fire eye saddle
FSA seatpost
Fireeye spitfire (7)
Fireeye spitfire (8)
Fireeye spitfire (9)
Fireeye spitfire (10)
Fireeye spitfire (11)
You like the bike? If you are worthy enough, please do adopt this fine piece of art.
It costs 30,000 Php. (or roughly 650 US dollars)
If you are interested, please message Valleybikes and we shall arrange the transfer to you.

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