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Learn Something New Everyday

We learn something new everyday. Sometimes, we just don’t know it (or we shrug it off), but we regularly get lessons that are vital for our life.
Jan 12 2014 maarat
The more saddle time you have, the better you get. It’s not rocket science. More practice just means you get ahead the people with less practice. You can go faster on the turns, you can enter the berms with confidence, you can climb those switchbacks easier.
The rider just keeps getting better and better.Mar9 jersey's maiden ride (8)
The Mountain Goats rode with the Isuzu Dee Max team, the Marikina boys. These are the podium finishers who eat sleep Mt bike. These young riders should be given the proper exposure and support from the local riders.Their pride is our pride. If we support our local team, that local team will be up there one day. Take pictures now, while they are still reachable.
Or better yet, hope the fame and popularity don’t go to their head.
Pekto rides an Intense 5.5.
Did you know that?
Learn something new everyday.
It was a gift from another showbiz personality. Who? You would have to ask him personally.
Mar9 jersey's maiden ride (5)
Good riders date awesome riders.
Gica (a regular podium finisher in Mt bike XC races) dates EJ Flores, seeded one of the top young riders in Maarat. They have lots of fans individually but when you combine their powers, the sponsorships are limitless. I just wish they are managed well by a proper sports agent so their talent don’t go to waste. Pro Rider. We can be international too, you know.
Mar9 jersey's maiden ride (3)
Wear eye protection. We have to wear shades so that our precious eyes are protected from the elements. A low hanging branch hit the eye of one of my mates. Next time, wear your Spyder shades. Not only protects you from the elements, it also makes you instaCOOL.
the eye #teamspyder
Yeah for more shades!

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