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October 15, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Leaked Photos: Mountain Goats CSR Plant A Tree

When nature lovers do some Social Responsibility, don’t expect them to actually brag about it and say, “Hey guys, look at us!”
Until recently… there has been a leak of the Mountain Goats’ first ever “Plant A Tree” program. The MTB group was the first bike gang to actually reach the top of Mt. Puro in Baranggay Calawis, Rizal, Philippines.
The local organizers said that the Goats were actually the first cycling group to have a plant a tree project in Mt. Puro. Other organizations were NGOs, families, office groups, etc. But we were the only cycling club that actually came up with the idea of having a plant a tree program.
We invited friends and family to join us, even though they had no bike to go up the mountain, they still joined us in support of the cause. Kids were able to plant seedlings in the low lying areas, just so they could feel what it is like to be socially responsible and plant a tree.

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