Pacquiao Knows The Solution To Traffic: Biking

Think Beyond The Wheel

September 22, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Kenny Belaey's Balance

Riding a bike in the mountain, it is really up to the rider on how extreme he/she wants to push it. If you think obstacles, roots, or fallen trees cannot stop you, you ride hard. Bike handling is the key when going hardcore. How well can you pull the bike on time, and how nimble is your bike to jump over obstacles, you should know that like instinct.
Gulp down a liter or two of confidence and just ride.
Live Life with Balance.

Video credit to Belgian Freerider Kenny Belaey and Red Bull. Kenny is a nine time World Trials Bike champion. The video was shot in La Plagne, 2700 meters above sea level.It is a feat, good job, Kenny!Kenny Belaey

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