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March 20, 2015 Comments (2) Bicycles, Blog Posts


Bikes are toys with purpose. You make it into a form of transportation, then you got yourself a commuter. Mountain exploration? All Mountain bike should be your set-up. You want to win races? Purchase the lightest, most state of the art road racer there is. Whatever your purpose, there is a specific bike for your need. This bike is built to jump the concrete jungle.
A distinguished editor and good friend of Valleybikes recently approached us itching for a new bike. This guy used to have an urban hucksta, a low seating hardtail 26er. Then he sold that and got a colorful fixed gear bike from Raven Cycles. He went abroad and came back wanting a new bike. His conditions were simple: a Crank jump bike. It was a free hand with a given budget. Valleybikes was more than willing to get the project on the road.
Building a bike from the ground up is a fun process. Choosing the right components from different bike shops is all part of the adventure. One thing was clear, the owner of the bike specifically said he wants the Crank neon yellow/green frame. We found out that Crank produced two variants of their frame, one with a normal head tube and another one with a tapered head tube. We got the tapered frame since it was the later model. We got the Xfusion Velvet from a biker pilot friend at a good price (which was not tapered), but since it was not a tapered fork, we had to solve the problem by using adaptors for the headset. For the rims, all we wanted were thick rims to fatten up the tires.
We searched a number of on-line sellers and bike shops for nice sleek tires to slap in this concrete jumper. The issue was sleek tires usually do not come thick, but when we slapped in the Continental City tires with fat DH rims, the result was astonishing. The tires stretched out and gave the bike a buffed macho look.
The X-fusion has a 15mm center axle so the former owner sold the Fireeye hub that he used for the fork. All we need now is a rear hub. Shimano with 6 bolts solved the wheelset problem with no worries. I’ve never had any problems with the ever dependable Shimano hubs. They are totally indestructible plus they are totally worth every cent. Skull decals were added to add detail to the wheelset.
180mm Aligator rotors stop this bike from going too fast, paired with mechanical Shimano brakes. Shimano thru axle cranks with OEM bashguard was quite hard to find but the crew found it in a far away shop, thanks to a friend.
The Jumper is single speed witha 36-18 gear ratio. Da Bomb tensioner stretches the chain because Crank wasn’t built with horizontal drop outs.
The Funn stem is matched with a Truvativ Hussefelt bar. The seat clamp is a non QR Da bomb mixed with a Haro BMX saddle. Foam grips make the bike soft to the touch and fun to ride. Due to the sloping top tube and dropped saddle, it is quite comfortable to ride.
The Jumper is a fun toy. You can easily go through anything the street gives you. Sidewalks, stairs, ramps, you can easily go over them. Dirt mounds, humps, potholes, or what-have-you’s, simply pop a bunny hop and you’re through. The tires are sticky to concrete and can take any jump, thanks to the DH rims.
This is a bike built for jumping. It rides well, plus it is good for night rides (thanks to the reflectorized tires).
To quote the song from Rage Against The Machine, “I say jump, you say how high?”

2 Responses to Jumper

  1. mark says:

    Its a good dj bike for beginners but eventually the dropout will break. I had a frame like that last january 2015. It was light and the geometry was good but after sometime i decided to sell it because i felt it will not last. And after some researching, i found out that, that frame breaks! After i sold it, i bought vision 4x by da bomb. Then while i was surfing the net, i read a post on fb that vision 4x broke! At that time my air time was 2sec 3feet high. So i again i sold my 4x and bought scrapbikes sb2 chromoly. It was a little heavy compared to vision 4x (half kilo i think?) but now im not holding back anymore because i know that its a strong frame. Im still waiting for my 24 moon, so for now im just gonna use sb2 for awhile.

    • giussef says:

      The user of this bike is a long time biker who wants to try out jumping. He is really attracted to the Crank frame. Right now, he is drooling over the Dartmoor frame with horizontal dropouts. Thank you for your comment, Mark. Ride safe and Jump high.

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