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journal of the creation of JD Cruzer

JDCRuz journal

JD Metro Cruzer


I got the bike Sept 17, 2005. It has a few scratches on the frame but Hazel Ono did her best to polish the bike to make it look band new. I rode it going home to Marikina.

The original handlebar is a cruiser type bar, making it hard for me to pedal because of my long legs. I bought ape bars and put in my Deore brake levers. I even put in new foam grips to complete the new look.

The brakes were bad, having drum brakes at the rear and calipers at the front.

The interior is Japan made so it was hard to put air into the 27 inch wheels.   

My immediate plans:

Change the handlebar stem into something short and light.

Change the sprocket into coaster type footbrakes. Hubs included it costs P550. If this is put in, I won’t need my drum brakes and caliper brakes, ridding the bike of the nasty cables.

Put in a new rim, hopefully a 24 inch rim, but if money doesn’t allow, maybe a 26 inch rim.

1.9 Slick tires at the back, 1.75 slick tires at the front.

Future plans:

Color it Blood Red. Frame, fork, handlebar, chainguard



Lee of Km. 16 customs agreed to paint the bike for free, making it a rolling advertisement for his shop. I plan to bring the bike to him at the start of the year. I already have a 26 inch rim to put in the back. I also plan to re-upholster the saddle and put in new black leathers. I have to inquire how much would that cost.



I know now that the re-upholstering of the saddle is P80. The frame, fork, apebars, fenders and chainguard are all in Lee’s shop now. I just have to wait for the custom paint job, buy a new rear wheelset (coaster type preferably) and buy a new BMX stem and JDCruz is good to go. I’m still pondering whether to install the lights or not.

I miss JDCruz.

1- 18- 06

I finally found coaster hubs for JDCruz. I biked to ABC bike shop in Aurora and they still have in stock a Taiwan coaster hub and a Japan coaster hub.  I didn’t buy it yet coz it might not fit JDCruz and I can’t refund it anymore. There is a slight problem. The rios that can fit the hubs are 10 gauge, and thicker than the usual rios. Its still the standard 36 rios but only 20 inch rios are available in ABC. That can be solved though when the rios shall be straight up and it won’t criss cross anymore. That’s cool, but to put 24 inch rims at the back means I have to put 26 inch rims in the front. Now I have to buy 24 inch rios so that the wheelset design would be uniform. Harhar, more expenses for JDCruz…


24” rim:                        350

20” rios:                       ?

24” rios:                       ?

24” rear tires:                ?

26” front tires:               ?


Setlaz grips:                  400

Pedals:                         350

Re-upholster saddle:     80

Stem:                            300


02 – 04 -06

surfed the internet. Thanks to LOWRIDER bicycles magazine, I found a lot of interesting sites. has an interesting forum.


06- 04 – 06

I miss JDCruz!! Lee still hasn’t finished my bike. It’s still in the shop and I’m very excited once its finished.



Finally, JDCruz is out of Km. sixteen Customs with a brand new paint job. Red with black fire and lightning from the bottom bracket. I am getting the crank set and handle bar ready for painting. Ill paint them black and the coaster brakes shall come in on Wednesday hopefully.

Things I need to purchase for JDCruz:



Front wheelset

Rear wheelset

Upholster saddle






I finally bought the coaster brakes. Also bought 20 inch rims and rios to match. Gotta paint the rim black so that it would match the 26 inch black rims up front. I got the seat customized black… there was no red leather so I settled for black. A few more details and JDCruz shall be finished!



April 07, 2007

Finally, Jcruzer os completed. Coaster brakes and all.. a lowrider bike finally complete.

Bought new interiors and headset, grips (setlaz), spokes for the 26” rims

Basically I bought two new wheelsets, new tires for both.

IRC 26 x 1.5 slick tires

Toxic tyres 20 x 2.1









April 18, 2007

I got to ride it in a 55 km journey in the tour de firefly… It was a headturner.

Soon I shall upgrade my bike to twisted wider bars.

Easy rider banana seats with new upholstery and back rest

A front fender  with gfx

Bash guard for the pedals




Sept. 22, 2007

Got to ride JCruzer around the Metro. The bars are a little chipped off with the black paint but that can easily be repaired. I bought an old banana seat that needs to be re upholstered with black velvet. I also need new bars to fasten the seats to the bike. I am thinking of putting shocks on the seats instead of bars, so we can have the soft tail ride of a harley. But that’s all plans.

Mar 18, 2008

JD Cruzer got a new tape grip to hide the black chipping paint. I also changed the pedals to mountian bike pedals.

March 5, 2013
To continue the story of JD Cruzer now.
After JD had his last facelift (high bars, the Valleybikes logo), he became a victim of Ondoy, drowned with flood water, Andrei “adopted” him as display in Hocus Bikes. JD Cruzer literally lived in Makati for quite a few years. My mentality is: If I ever hang out in Makati, I get to bike around.

So, true enough, JD Cruzer became my South bike.

The magic and glam of Makati took its toil on JD Cruzer for it became a model for a magazine shoot.

The popularity and fame of JD Cruzer got so big, that JD wanted a facelift. It just wanted to blend in, not be a headturner anymore. Change the bars, make the wheels alike… Put in white side walls. Resto Mod.

This picture was taken during its maiden ride, The Tour of the Firefly 2012. I got a hand me down coaster hub from Robert Q, so I attached it, found some nice white side wall balloon tires, and super wide handle bars from Andrei.

It rode fine.

Until the last stretch going back to Tiendesitas. The coaster dried up and cranked like a spoiled baby.
I had to pedal home, so JD Cruzer brought me home.

All it needs is a good repack.
Now its back in its riding glory.
JD Cruzer


  1. sir,where did you manage to get a coaster hub?
    is it a 135mm?
    need one for a project. 😀

  2. I got it from an old bike shop in Cubao. It came with free rust. I have a spare coaster hub, but I have to go look for it. It is quite pricey, even I got surprised when I asked how much. But anyway, it is worth it!

  3. how much is pricey,then? 😀
    i’m building under the premise that it is worth it.
    i’ve been searching high and low for the bugger and the only reply i seem to get is:
    “matagal nang walang ganun,boy!”
    even the shimano distributor couldn’t help me.hah.

  4. I got it for P2000. Yung Japan na ang kinuha ko. Its a center hub with sprocket and brakes at the other side.
    Was planning to put it sa aking future METRO MESSENGER bike with no cables. but the project was put on hold. Wanna buy the coaster?

  5. hehe. pricey nga.hindi kaya, kuya. 😀
    that’s my plan too, some sort of metro messnger with no cables as i have to bring the cost down on my current bike. i bike to school from my house in San Juan whenever my schedule permits it. (i study in UST and we all know how abundant crime is in Manila.) i’m almost sure these guys will take eventually take interest on the bike in the near future and when that happens, i’m sure it’s gonna be alot less appealing to thieves if they dont see disc brakes and derailluers.
    thanks anyway.ü
    if you do come across something along the lines of P400 or so, please let me know. 😀 thanks again!