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April 30, 2013 Comments (4) Blog Posts, Reviews

Jersey Birthday Gift

A close friend of mine asked me what would be a great birthday gift for her (biker)husband. I suggested that she should give him a cycling jersey. One could never have too many jerseys. Some of my friends complain that they have been wearing the same jersey every weekend, or sometimes when friends invite for a weekday ride, their jersey is still in the hamper. Thus, part of cycling is collecting those quick-drying, polyester jerseys with nice graphic designs.
What to look for in a nice cycling jersey:
1. Cool, unified artistic look. Its a matter of taste, really. The combination of colors, plus the over-all look of the jersey is all up to you.
front view
2. Pockets at the back. These pockets are pure genius. Whoever thought of putting these pockets in the cycling jerseys years ago is one intelligent biker. Three pockets to stash your pump, spare interior, bike tool, cash, I.D., patch, sunblock, shades or whatever you want, they are there for that utilitarian use. I am surprised the Italian designers and fashion gurus haven’t made the pockets at the back mainstream yet (like the hooded shirt). I am predicting, that soon, pockets at the back of the shirt will become standard issue.
spyder pockets
3. Zipper up front. Zip it up when going downhill for aerodynamics, Zip it down when climbing up steep ascents (to cool you down). Zip it up when it is cold, zip it down when it is hot. Simple mechanics of the jersey zipper.
4. Reflectors. Doing night rides, these reflectors work great! Taking pictures, does wonders also!
5. Garterized shirt bottom. The garter at the bottom of the jersey prevents the shirt from hitching up too high when pedaling. It is also anti-plumber’s crack. (if you know what I mean)
Spyder back design
Thus, I recommended to my lady friend the Spyder cycling jersey. Lots of cool pockets, reflectorized, garterized, with a zipper all the way through, nice quick drying material and balanced design; what more could you ask for in a jersey? The price is not an issue too, unlike the other jersey brands where you buy the name, not the shirt.

4 Responses to Jersey Birthday Gift

  1. mandragoran says:

    Nice duds! Where can one find some Spyder gear?

  2. tish says:

    Nice Shirt! The model did a good job!! 🙂

  3. minnie johansson says:

    nice and cool shirt for bikers..
    and the model is perfectly handsome..:)

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