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JD Cruzer 2014

JDCruzer Dec2014
A classic should always be a classic.
JD Cruzer has always been my go-to-mod bike. It is like having a vintage which you can soup up to become a hotrod, a custom cruiser or whatever your heart desires. From long ape bars with dropped 20″ rears, to sleek 26″ white side wall hot rod inspired, it is time to go back to basics.

The Marikina valley bike subculture is slowly evolving to chrome cruisers and customizations. Youngsters cruise around town riding vintage cruisers with chrome shined fenders and hubs.
From the top of the cabinet, JD Cruzer was restored to life.

27′ Araya rims were the first rare finds from the valley. Japanese Coaster hub for the rear wheel and Shimano Dynamo hub for the front wheel.
Wrapped in Kenda white side walls, this was the closest from the original Japanese bicycle.

The best find was the chrome front light. It is forever ON. Don’t stop riding, keep that bulb shining!