January 7, 2013 Comments Adventure, Blog Posts

It's never the same.

Even if we ride the same trail every week with the same group of friends, every ride is different from the last. There will always be something different or something unique for each ride. It is quite hard to explain, but that is the magic of mountain biking for me. The sun, soil, trees, and other elements all contrive to give us that rejuvenating energy.

Random tips when biking in the mountain:

Have fun.

When you are tired, take a break. Choose a shady tree to rest. The stories are much better under a tree.

Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Get a good gear ratio and stick with it. I usually ride the middle ring up front, and third from the biggest ring at back.

Be confident. Trust your suspension (it can take on anything!).

Take pictures.

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