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March 7, 2020 Comments (5) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Is The E-MountainBike The Solution To Traffic In Metro Manila?

Is the E-MountainBike the solution to Traffic in Metro Manila? First thing is first: Is there a solution to the worsening heavy traffic in Metro Manila?

There are solutions presented but one of the most feasible and practical is to put the morning/afternoon commuters on bicycles. (Take note: Bicycles, not motorcycles because bicycles do not add to pollution PLUS it is the healthier alternative.)

Many complain that cycling to work would mean sweat, dirt and fatigue. Now here is the solution to that solution: Electric Mountain bikes! Stay cool, and fresh, plus roll around on a very cool bike. It is not just an E-bike, it is an E-MTB!

Is the E-MountainBike the solution to Buhol Buhol Traffic in Metro Manila?

Here is Danny on his new Santa Cruz Heckler E-MTB—>

Wanna know more about the Santa Cruz Heckler E-MTB? Check out the interview of on the Santa Cruz people who are responsible for their E-MTB.

According to Carbon frame CC/ 27.5 costs around 7399 USd. It tips the scale at 21.62kg or 47.66 lbs. If you had a downhill bike back in the day, your bike would have weighed like that in the early 2000. So just imagine, your DH bike back then, but you can pedal it anywhere with no problem. Ahhh, dream come true! Thank God for technology!

Is the E-MountainBike the solution to Buhol Buhol Traffic in Metro Manila?
Shredding the Heckler!
photo by

Now there is really no more excuse NOT to get into the pedal bike. It is less noisy, plus it does not require gasoline! To quote Rob Roskopp in the video interview by Pinkbike, Santa Cruz wanted to create an Electric bike— “that felt like a mountain bike.” Other E bikes have throttles, and crosses the border towards a dirtbike running on electricity. He says the heckler is simply a “performance bike”.

Is the E-MountainBike the solution to Buhol Buhol Traffic in Metro Manila?
That SC sure looks FINE!
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5 Responses to Is The E-MountainBike The Solution To Traffic In Metro Manila?

  1. ritz says:

    Is The E-MountainBike The Solution To Traffic In Metro Manila? — ANSWER IS NO and a GREY AREA.

    1ST. why do you need an eMTB? LOL… ASAN ANG BUNDOK SA MANILA ? lol.. and using common want a pedelec that is more in relax position , same as those dutch bikes i had seen in amsterdam..

    — having said this, a less aggressive bike design with some dna that can carry panniers/ cargo makes sense ..these pedelecs are cheaper to buy too as they provide less state of the art parts [ CF frame, wireless cockpit, state of the are suspension system and shox ]

    2nd. mechanical bike will do but that depends the distance and fitness whos riding it…kung kaya resistensya and malapit lang and pupuntahan..then thatll be enough

    3rd dedicated urban planning for safe bike friendly lanes…this is the main variable… regardless if your using pedelec or mechanical bike if theres no bike lanes, or poor implementation of bike lanes then it doesnt solve the problem as people will be put off of cycling due to safety reasons. also, even if its successful and we have well designed bike lanes, remember that urban planners should consider that its capacity can manage the increase of cycle users in the next 20years..but then area in metro manila doesnt the only solution is adding a “land area” vertically..which is costly.

    eMTB in metro manila? not really, overkill for the purpose, expensive…also reading the article..most data came from overseas…lol..i thought the philippine setting was considered when presenting this opinion

    i do own a pedelec gen 2 bosch trail emtb since 2013…long before manila were able to sell such toy…this article could had been presented better.

    besides…also consider ebike convertion kits..which is cheaper

    but in fairness..trinx mk1 and mk2 emtb is cheap so literally yes, for 30k , its an mtb, and a eto ang exemption to the rule.

    also seem to me, the ebike presented on the article is kinda “sugar coating” for a particular brand and make…here in europe..lots of brands you can choose and ….because ebike laws here are more relax compared to usa…we have more “freedom” and flexibility.

    • giussef says:

      Thank you for your insight sir! We here at bike commute regularly. There are bike lanes but most of the time, we ride on sidewalks and at the side of the road. Mountain bikes are fun to use for commuting because it can go over obstacles and the tires are fatter compared to 700c commuter bikes. Yet when we preach to others to bike commute, the excuse you can always hear is that they perspire when they reach work (of course that can be answered with washing up, etc). Thus the question presented. E-MTB might be overkill for bike commuting in Metro Manila, but if that can put 9 car drivers on the bike lane, we have helped ease the traffic IN OUR OWN LITTLE WAY.

      • ritz says:

        ” E-MTB might be overkill for bike commuting in Metro Manila, but if that can put 9 car drivers on the bike lane, we have helped ease the traffic IN OUR OWN LITTLE WAY. ” — true..but then again, theres lots or urban pedelec designed for urban cycling..and consider also how much average juan is willing to pay… an ebike conversion is a sound cheap alternative..for as long it does the job in principle.

        i know pinoy culture why they buy mostly mtb is due to being can be used off and on road , moa or long ride or patiis off road. [rather buying two separate bikes for urban and off road purposes ]… but to buy a proper eMTB even on its basic trim/ model is expensive. [ i bought mine years ago, that cost 265,000 ]

        true…mtb has wider tyres , and cosidering some road condition in the metropolis…i do get the picture

        where i work we have a shower room, in case its needed. hopefully business establishment , working area in the philippines has this as standard provision.

        also you must consider its not about whats the best eMTB you can buy in the philippines, but, which company is a legit distributor and also offers after sales service support, from computer diagnostics upto spare parts availability, with less waiting times during repair [ and such parts should be available right on hand and doesnt need to be sourced overseas ]..some distributors there do sell branded pedelecs but i heard a complaint that when it comes to repairs..they cannot do it because of lack of parts..and needs to be source overseas.

        im not aware if santa cruz has a legit pedelec sales and service sa pinas. so people who would be buying pedelecs should only buy a product that can be serviced in the philippines and has parts availability in their stocks.

        then theres the price: a hard tail , branded eMTB is so expensive [ maybe >100k , and some people would rather buy a motorbike…most common comments i read was that if a consumer would know the price of a branded emtb, they would rather buy a mc scooter..and they are missing the point ]

        ..that santa cruz would cost a lot more because of the “name/ brand”…. and its full suspension ….200k or more is not cheap…

        its just so fortunate trinx was able to release a modest pedelec that is really cheap [ though the battery is not designed for endurance ]…for 30k , give or take you have an eMTB…that can get you from A to B without burning your pocket… [though componentry are modest build ] i have no idea how much an extra battery may cost though.. [ my bosch battery cost 30k brand new ]

        then lets factor buses ,jeepneys in metro manila…most are old, dated engines. add this to tropical heat and humidity

        yes we may lessen the cars, but jeeps, old buses…im imagining how difficult to enjoy cycling,,if youll end up wearing a mask..due to diesel fumes

        … i dont know if that idea having an elevated cycle lane at edsa wound be sound..but other B roads in the metropolis still ,, youll be joining other vehicles particularly outdated diesel engines of jeeps and buses..[ jeepneys should be replaced by mini buses with higher euro compliant regulation..and on a side note…as we speak, some cities here in europe forbids the useage of diesel vehicles inside their cities, and eu legislation wants to eradicate internal combustion engines by 2040 give or the future is electric ]


        i do agree pedelec [ not specific on eMTBs ] is worth a chance as a means of transport…but the market should be aware of knowing people who are happy spending very much less, of going electric…or that alternative of converting their mechanical bike to electric by buying like the bafang conversion kit…

        …to buy a branded eMTB for metro manila useage….no problem with that, as long as you can afford it…but sellers would study the demand where the sweet spot in terms of pricing the public are happy of paying….

        govt should also by law mandate cities to provide working environment, malls, shops, secured cycle parking area…. thieves now are better grinders .. bolt cutter is old skul nowadays..

        i dont bring locks, cables with me when using my pedelec going to work as, my permission was granted to use one of the store rooms inside the building to keep my bike makes it more secure . [ though we have a bike storage box outside under lock and key for employees ] . and my bike is insured as well …i dont know how secured cycle parking are in the metropolis but i do hear news occasionally that bike got stolen during work outside their building premises.

        to loose an expensive branded emtb is difficult to bear.

        im in favor of cycling as i do cycle to work and own two bike, one a pedelec and a mechanical old skul bike.

  2. ritz says:

    …i dont know if you are aware…there was a meeting recently with concerned citizens by LTO . this has to do with regulating pedelecs on Philippine roads [ i dont know if those electric scooters are included as well in the regulation ]

    word was that…they WONT be allowed on MAIN ROADS and can be only used on small / barangay alleys

    the lev law of 2006 exempts pedelecs

    thats why for future buyers of eMTB or pedelec…best to wait what the outcome of this regulation would be like.

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