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Importance of Maintaining Your Bike

Always check your gear. You will never know when they will fail. Being a boy scout back in grade school taught me a lot of things: how to tie a good knot, how to love nature and always be prepared (LAGING HANDA!). I grew up and forgot about other stuff I learned during grade school, but my scouting days will always be cherished. In scouting, I got to experience my first outdoor sleep over, and what to do on “emergency situations”.
Be Prepared
Preparedness applies to everything— regularly maintain your ride. If something is wrong, visit your local bike shop and say hi to your bike wrench. Ain’t got a favorite mechanic? You gotta have two or three friendly mechanics.

blue zone with Dirty Harry

blue zone with Dirty Harry

Tip: The more experienced the mechanic, the better. choose a really friendly one who rides a lot. The passion he has in biking will be translated on how well he shall love your bike. He won’t let you ride your bike if there’s still something wrong.
TImberland's Blue zone

TImberland’s Blue zone

Going back to being prepared, if your ride is in tip top condition, there would be no need to worry in the trail if your bike would break down on you or not.
What are the basic maintenance for your bike?
1. lube your chains. keep ’em away from rust. drop oil on each link, then dry off with a clean rug
2. clean your drivetrain. old toothbrushes work well for this.
3. If your bike got wet during a river crossing or it got rained on, a periodic maintenance of the hub and bottom bracket might do your bike well.
With your bike in tip top condition, the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere narrows down. Of course, it would help to have a patch kit, pump and extra tubes (because you will never know when you’ll get a flat). Bring along essential tools and a missing link.
view from the blue zone Mt. Maarat

view from the blue zone Mt. Maarat

more maintenance = more miles!
Happy Riding!

*DISCLAIMER: You can’t ride like this even if you maintain your bike everyday. You must practice everyday in order to be this good. Ride hard!

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