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Importance Of A Mountainbike Helmet

How important is a mountain bike helmet?

How important is a mountain bike helmet?



There are some debates wherein people say that it is not important to wear a helmet when cycling. In Europe, they bike around the city and they don’t wear any head protection at all. Take note that they are biking in the city at slow speed. They are not moving at lightning speed and they are careful enough to obey traffic rules and pedestrian regulations. But biking in the wilderness, where there are lots of hazards, plenty of downhill action and other dangers, it is a NECESSITY to protect your head.


What is important in a mountain bike helmet?

How important is a mountain bike helmet?

1. Right size and snug fit- Helmets come in different sizes. Like jeans, you have to find your right size.  Also like waistlines, you can measure your head and know your precise measurement. How to measure the head? Wrap the tape measure on your forehead and imagine the line where the helmet sits, that is your head measurement.  My Head measured to be 57cm so I use a Large helmet. The sizes have certain measurements exactly for them.



Head circumference (inches)                           Helmet size

20.50                                                                          Kids

20.75                                                                           Small

21-22                                                                           Medium

22.75                                                                            Large



How important is a mountain bike helmet?2. Protection- You can tell in the construction of the helmet if it is good quality, average or poor. My stand there is: Value your helmet as much as how you value your head. We are trying to protect that brain inside your head, floating on water. One wrong hit on your skull— damage. One wrong hit on the helmet: change helmet.

Check the straps, the cushion, the “feel” of your helmet. Are you happy with the way it sits on your head? Is it loose? Is it too tight?

Remember, if it doesn’t feel right, chances are, it is not protecting you at its most optimum capacity. Get another one.





3. looks and aesthetics- Whatever that design maybe: if it appeals to the taste and over-all flavor of the bearer/owner, then that is the helmet for them. Now, there are more than thousands of designs to choose from. It is all up to your taste, and type of riding. You can mix up certain helmets here and there, (just not a Downhill helmet on an alleycat race) but at the end of the day, we all go back to the saying: “Walang paki-alamanan, kanya-kanyang trip yan!” (to each his own)

Color- Sometimes, people match the color of their bike and helmet. For some, they just choose their favorite color. I match the color of my helmet and my gloves. Or sometimes also, I coordinate the color of my helmet with my shoes. It is really up to the taste of the helmet bearer. This is where taste comes in.

Sticker- I put stickers and other decals to differentiate my helmet from the others. Putting stickers is another art form that is not for everyone. Does the sticker fit the helmet? Does the decal complement the “look” of your helmet? If it looks good for you, then you are good.

How important is a mountain bike helmet?

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Remember: After investing X amount on your bicycle, please do spend a little more on your head.  If you do not have the resources to get a good insurance, at least get a good helmet. Bones can be cast in cement, but heads … the mind will just get crazier. Protect your head!






























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