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How To Clean Your Bike–

Wash wash wash your bike,
Oil it at the end…
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Pedal with a friend.

Valleybikes Life Hack— how to clean your bike:
1. Wash it with water. An ordinary hose will do. Just run the water along the body of the bike. Please avoid pointing the running water on the hub and bottom bracket (this will dry out the grease inside).
2. Remove excess dirt and mud by running a soapy sponge over the whole bike. This would really clean the sticky dirt attached to the parts. Gunk, black grease and other dark and nastys should be washed with your soap. (You can mix any soap with water; either liquid soap or powder— I prefer the liquid soap)
3. For the wheels, you can use a brush to scrub the grooves of your tire. Use your old toothbrush to clean the chain and derailleur—> for those hard to reach places. You can be OC on the chain; remove it, soak it in gasoline (to loosen the dirty grease) and then wipe it dry.
4. Use a quick absorbent rag to dry out the whole bike. Wipe the cables, frame, fork, cockpit, seat, etc. When everything’s shiny and new once again, drop some oil on each link of your chain. I like using excess motor oil which I bring home after my car’s change oil (transfer the motor oil in one of those small droppers).
***Remember not to over oil your chain. It would just attract the dirt. So this is what I do: After lubing the chain, I spin my bike around and then wipe the chain with a clean rag.
Dirty Harry having a bike spa at Glorious Ride Bike shop in Quezon City. Word to Chris, the resident bike mech.
Save water, shower with your bike. Whuttt?
DH chick

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