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Heroes Trail Now— August 2013

Valleybikes likes to keep things updated. The all new and improved Heroes Trail now is quite awesome from before. Salute to Major Amboy and his continuous effort to improve the bike track. The rigorous ascends and fast descends make the trail a worthwhile training ground for those cold “rain” legs. You can have your secret training done in 30 minutes. Just bomb through the track as if your life depended on it and I am sure you’d think that the 50 pesos entrance fee is all worth it.
The new tunnels are refreshing from the usual mountain trail we use to ride. The extra distance is a gift for all the XC fans, so basically, the Heroes is all upgrade. The jumps still need a little working (leave that to the 4cross bikers), but all in all, this trail is a complete meal.
It starts off with a few slalom turns, then it turns into the main course of ups and downs. You gotta pace your legs so you won’t hang yourself dry on the pedal crushing climbs. Leave room for dessert when you attack stage 3, so you can enjoy this biker buffet.

Heroes Aug 2013

Try timing yourself. What is your best time around the track?


  1. Migvee says:

    STRAVA! 🙂