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March 20, 2013 Comments (2) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal- just the way we like it. History tells us that this bike was used as a training bike for cross country competitions. The real back story is: This trophy bike was awarded to one of the Valleybikes team players for winning a cross country race, so it really became a training bike for a XC rider. heavy metal
Reliable and sturdy, beefed up for training, the “Heavy Metal” shall do its master’s bidding. Full Rigid and sleek looking, this beast is wrapped in Syncros BHT rubber, so it can take on anything you throw at it. The CroMo frame was stripped down to metal, painted electric blue and pimped by Valleybikes.
Uber Heavymetal
Built tough, built strong. This dog is Heavy Metal.

2 Responses to Heavy Metal

  1. ken says:

    I remember this color! Nice choice! 😉

  2. giussef says:

    yup. same set-up as your bike, bro.
    got rigid?

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