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February 5, 2013 Comments (1) Blog Posts, Reviews

Head Gear

The most important part of our body is in our head. We can reason and think, thanks to our brain. We can communicate and live harmoniously in our society if we use our head right. Thus, we should always protect our head. I have seen a lot of nasty spills and crashes while riding a bicycle. It’s a good thing those riders wore a helmet so the impact on their head lessened. Their head gear cracked and every cent they paid for that helmet was well worth it.
There are different kinds of helmet out in the market.
The most common helmet used for cycling is the road helmet. It is light weight, with lots of ventilation on top. For the really high end models and brands, you would feel as if you’re not wearing any helmet at all.  There’s an adjustable strap at the back of the helmet to make it snug to your skull. You just have to choose the color combination of the helmet to go together with the color of your bike.
bell road alchera
There is a new breed of special helmets they use for time trial and “racer” bikes. This is when you race for speed and every millisecond counts. This is when function plus design matters for the aerodynamics of everything is taken to consideration. Bikers who buy this helmet have tried shaving their legs and other body hair to reduce drag when pedaling to the podium. No offense, but it reminds me of an evolved cockroach from the movie Aliens—  a very FAST one.
When going speedy downhill or doing extreme jumps and tricks, you should also protect your face from hitting the handle bar and stem, thus you need a full face helmet. This is for the adrenaline junkie who need that extra confidence and protection so they can do the stuff they do with assurance that their face is protected. The full face helmet is usually paired with goggles. With helmets like these, your bike should complement the helmet; it should at least have 4-5 inches of front and rear suspension (or a serious jump bike with a dropped saddle).
Ever since I started riding a mountain bike, my choice of helmet was the mullet type of helmet. It was the X-gamer’s choice of helmet (whether it is skate or BMX). It protects the head with the extra outer shell aside from the hard styrofoam of the lid. Others say the mullet type of helmet is heavier and hotter than the road helmet, but who cares? I’d rather protect my brain plus I can put cool stickers on my helmet.
In conclusion, I’d say that whatever your choice of helmet, it should complement your riding style. The bottom line is that you should always protect your head. It’s better to ride safe than with a cracked skull. Invest in a decent helmet, its insurance for your head. It wouldn’t hurt that you would also look good with it.
bern pic
 helmet photos courtesy of giro.com, bernunlimited.com, bellhelmets.com, the-industries.com

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