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December 3, 2011 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Hassle sa Masel

I was riding along V Luna when a tricycle suddenly sideswiped me. I was in the outermost lane, (rightmost) when this tricycle suddenly decides to turn right just because he feels like it. His sidecar hit my front bar and the bike goes under the sidecar. Luckily, I did not hit my head on impact. My right foot got stuck somewhere and I wasn’t able to stand up right away. I saw my ankle swell up immediately. He’s got the nerve to accuse me of not looking and I hit his trike. I couldn’t believe this tricycle driver! I blew my top and had a word war with him, but this won’t amount to anything if we just shout at each other (plus my ankle hurts). He offered to bring me home, put my bike on top of his trike, (I agreed so I won’t have to pedal back home).
But, he went straight to the baranggay and filed a blotter on me! WTF!!!?? I got his name and went to the hospital to have my swollen ankle checked. Good thing there were no broken bones or fracture.
Hay Naku! Be a defensive rider, and this is what happens. I pondered hard and maybe, if this happened to me years ago, I would have fallen hard and bruised. RIDE SAFE!!!

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