August 30, 2013 Comments Adventure, Bikes and Babes, Blog Posts

Happy Saddle

I am currently looking for a comfortable saddle without the weight drawback. If it’s foamed, springed, padded and comfortable, should it be heavy? Is this the price I have to pay for a soft cushion for my buns? Body Geometry, WTB, Selle Italia, Velo, whatever the brand, your butt needs to agree with the saddle to have a plush ride. It wouldn’t hurt if you stand up in the bumps, that would ease the pain.





Try researching on the best saddle for your a$$. They say the saddle hinders blood flow and lots of other science happening down there. They have studied and re designed everything, trial and error, on obtaining for that perfect fit. Leather is hard, but it conforms to your muscle, (they say). At the end of the day, its your bike, its your butt. You decide.

The secret is: Wear padded cycling shorts! It works!