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Happy New Maarat!

Reflections on the fun Blue Zone and the new Green Zone
The Mountain Goats took a ride at our backyard playground, Mt. Maarat. We had it light for some of the Goats had to beg off due to prior engagements. So our happy little group of three fun loving bikers took off for the wall. Two of my bad ass friends raced up to the top of the wall and when they were not yet satisfied with the climb, went down again until the columbarium and then ascended again. I ate my lugaw while waiting for them and when they were done punishing themselves, I was also finished with my light breakfast.
The weather was very nice; slight overcast, not so sunny, the atmosphere was windy and one can feel the slight chill from nature. It was the perfect riding condition for the ground was packed and dry, no signs of mud, yet it wasn’t too hot. We thanked the bike gods for granting us such a nice day.
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We entered the Blue Zone, with hopes that the cut grass still remain tamed. The ride inside the Blue Zone was nice and easy. We all enjoyed the rolling fast single track the Blue Zone had to offer. The descents were all incorporated with the ascents so you don’t have to catch your breath climbing up always. The berms were the same, nothing new, but the perfect balance of cold and hot were all present in the Blue Zone so we couldn’t ask for more. That is some single track loving you got there!
We exited the Blue Zone via Nursery so we landed in the new tambayan area set up by Jayson, the local trail maker. He sold barbeque and other refreshments. There were nice cozy bamboo benches wherein bikers could rest their legs. We caught our breath and entered the new Green Zone. We used to call this trail the Pink trail for lack of a better name, and it has improved tremendously since our last ride here.
The track has aged and is now ripe for riding. It starts with a fast pedal section to gain velocity plus some whoopee-doos to shake your senses. It rolls very fast with descents and berms perfectly manicured for a fun ride. There is one big drop which would give the inexperienced quite a shock. If attacked well, it probably is the best part of the course (for some, but not all). The steep drop quickly turns left so you must be wary of this tricky yet enjoyable section.
The rock and roll concludes with two steep climbs which would separate the men from the boys. Reserve some energy for this one, you’d scream for your granny and all her sisters.
All in all, the new Green Zone is a blast to ride. The mountain vibe, the shady trees, the thick soil all contributes to the Maarat Green Zone experience.
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We were having coffee when the father and daughter tandem of local mountain biking arrived. We got to chitchat with the Specialized sponsored riders Ariana Dormitorio and her dad. Arianna is riding a women specific hardtail carbon frame. It is twenty niner and when asked if there was a difference from her previous 26 inch frame, she says it is just the same. The geometry is quite small, perfect for her height and the top tube is sloping so she can easily do things to her bike. Congratulations on her sponsorship and more power to our local girl.
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