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October 3, 2013 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Gucci Coochie Coo

Slap an expensive brand on a high end bike maker and what do you get? An overpriced carbon commuter. Yes, it is light, tipping the scale at 22 lbs (thanks to the carbon frame), but aside from that, I see nothing really special about it.
The bike has hydraulic disc brakes, headlights, 11 speed, Gucci water bottle and the classic red and green Gucci colors. Does it stand out? No.
If you look close enough and notice the fine, attention to detail of the brand on the frame: Bianchi by Gucci, that’s what makes it expensive.
Will you ride it wearing your Gucci threads? Maybe. Will it match your hipster-ness? Don’t think so.
Is the price tag right for 15,400 US dollars? Definitely not. They didn’t even invest on a decent wheelset which could totally alter the “look” of this ultra-rich pedal machine.
There will still be people who’ll actually buy this Bianchi x Gucci bicycle only because they have excess money to burn. But the truth is, it’s nothing to be proud about, if you are a serious biker. For collection? Hmmmmm… Maybe not the biker. Gucci collector maybe, but not a serious rider. What, the person will actually ride this thing for errands? Don’t you have maids for that? Use it to go to the beach? I’d rather use the Lambo (if you’ve got that kind of cash). Maybe take it for a spin going to the clubhouse? I’d rather use the Ducati, than pedal this. So this bike will just enjoy gathering dust in the rich man’s storage area.
With the price tag, one would expect that maybe there’s a free Gucci helmet along with it?
No. You pay extra $960 for the really cool Gucci helmet.
I like the white helmet.
Bianchi x Gucci = not for everyone.
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