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January 20, 2020 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Lessons From Pinkbike

Pinkbike recently posted a new video: We Went to Taiwan to Make a Bike from the Future (and Actually Did) – The Grim Donut.

It is a film by Jason Lucas (I wonder how is he related to George Lucas of Star Wars? But he is the guy behind IFHT who produced the funny and iconic mountain bike videos like: I Only Ride Park). His timing and comedic relief in the videos are commendable. Bottom line: If you like mountain biking, you would enjoy the humor these guys offer.

Our site honors Pinkbike.com as one of the premiere mountain bike websites in the planet. We look up to its innovations and now that they’ve been producing content for their site, we would like to share and help spread the good vibes of biking.

Please watch their latest offering:

The producers credit the following:

Created by: Brian Park & Jason Lucas

Produced & Directed by: Jason Lucas

Additional Footage by: Chris Ricci & Max Barron

Starring: Mike Levy, Mike Kazimer, Yoann Barelli, Cesar Rojo, Dave Weagle, Calvin Lin

Special Thanks: Genio Bikes, Taipei Cycle Show, TAITRA, ASTRO, A-Mega, APRO, Waki Designs, Chris Cocalis at Pivot Cycles, Duncan Riffle at SRAM, Connor Bondlow at e*Thirteen, Sam Richards at OneUp Components, Cody Philips, TRP Brakes, The Aava Whistler Hotel, Nick Morgan at Corsa Cycles, Karl & Radek Burkat Pinkbike Merch – https://pinkbike.link/merch

Quite interesting, the guys in Pinkbike did something similar with their old video:

Let’s wait what will happen when they ride the Grim Donut. Stay tuned!

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