January 21, 2013 Comments Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Go Heroes

libingan (1)

We were all stoked with the recent discovery of the Heroes Bike Trail at the Libingan ng mga Bayani that’s why we visited again. The stars aligned when Ryan and I talked about riding an easy trail for he is leaning towards cycling recently. He has been riding the Alabang MTB track for quite some time now. Perfect.

We agreed to meet up at the Heroes trail to have some good clean fun and bike action. When we arrived, it came as a surprise that a lot of bikers were already at the trail going at it. We paid J.R. (the custodian) fifty bucks and chatted with him for a while. The track is around 2.4 km and was created by the Army gang. I asked what were the best lap times and he answered, “Kapag athletic, mga 7 minutes. Yung mga ibang Army, 6 minutes.” (When you’re athletic, around 7 minutes, the other Army guys do it at 6.) Let’s ride it 5:39!

 Ryan Goes Hero (1)

The Heroes Trail is a lot of fun. It is a new track. The switchbacks are great. The hairpins are well placed. Stage 3 needs a little landscaping and it could be improved tremendously to cut those precious seconds. The first jump mound comes from a sharp left, downhill drop and it could have been faster if there is a berm to roll it with. But all in all, it is the perfect newbie track for the ever growing biking community. It is located in the heart of the Metro, easy access from C5, so there is no question that this bike trail will definitely fly.


I suggested to J.R. that the Army gang should try selling drinks and lugaw so the bikers can have a little picnic under the shade in between runs. He said that those are the plans being developed. I imagined, on weekdays, the boys working at the Bonifacio Global City can take an early morning spin, shower, then go to work, nothing to it. The Heroes Bike Trail is getting there.  It won’t take long before this place becomes the next bike hang out.

How to go HERO:

Take C5 road. If you are coming from the North, bust a right at Bayani road (after Mc Kinley Hill). When you are at Bayani Road, you shall see Heritage Memorial Park, look out to your left, there is a sign board which says: Heroes Bike Trail. There is a gate, enter it and become a Hero.