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February 9, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Glove Love

Wearing gloves while cycling looks cool and it adds to the over-all “look” of being a cyclist. It also protects the rider from having calloused hands. The gloves add padding to the palms so the pressure on the upper palm is reduced. Just like the helmet, the gloves preferably should complement the color of your bicycle. There are lots of brands and makers of bike gloves out in the market today. You just have to find the right size, choose your color combination and you are good to go. Now the question is: Full finger or half finger gloves?
Going Full
Full finger Gloves are perfect for All mountain, Freeride and DH riders for they add protection to the rider when going down on nasty spills. The additional rubber/ leather on the outer fingers won’t leave you bruised. My gloves have saved me from having bad scars myself. The downside in wearing full finger gloves is that you cannot use your touch screen gadgets and it is quite hot. This is not advisable for people with really sweaty palms. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large (really depends on the length of your finger)


Half Monty
Cross country riders and roadies use the half finger gloves simply because it is more practical for tropical countries. You can still control/manage your touch screen device and use your finger for a lot of things. It is practical and not too hot.

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