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February 3, 2020 Comments (0) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Found My Way To Puray Falls And Back

It is not easy to get lost. What’s harder still is to go to a famous waterfalls in the heart of Rizal and make your way back.

A long time buddy of mine invited me to Puray Falls in Rodriguez, Rizal last weekend. After a few beats, my reply to him was: “What time will we back?” He told me, around 6pm. After sweet talking my wife and telling her how long I haven’t gone mountain biking, I got my “visa” to ride Puray.

We met up in UP Diliman Bahay ng Alumni and pedaled up to Aling Tina’s to meet some more bikers there. After a quick breakfast at the iconic turo-turo of Aling Tina, we pedaled our way to Puray. We passed through the Patiis village landing and continued our way up to the road going to Wawa. From there, I just followed our lead bike and made sure I stuck close to him.

6am start at UP Diliman
Aling Tina’s Eatery: classic meet up place
the crew to Puray
Flea leading the way. full rigid 700c tires can make it all the way there. No excuses.
just follow the road along the river, the locals said.

There were lots of turns and forks along the way, but what’s important is that we rode together as a group. When we drifted apart, the lead biker waited on the others and started again once we were all there.

Going to the falls, we had to make a choice: go through the paved road (lots of ascends) or through the river side (lots of baby’s head sized rocks)…

Guess what path did we take?

the scenic route
lots of river crossings

Prepare to get your feet/shoes wet! The numerous river crossings in order to get to Puray Falls will definitely challenge your bike riding skills.

River Crossing tips:

  1. Study the line towards the other end. Choose a good line (minimal big rocks) and stick with it.
  2. Use a low gear and don’t stop pedaling.
  3. Don’t worry about getting your feet, socks and shoes wet. It shall dry out eventually.
  4. Put your cellphone inside your backpack. (in case you fall over, the phone won’t fall on the river)
hike to the falls

Lunch By The Falls

The group bought some rice, liempo, hotdog, fruits and meat so we can have a boodle fight lunch at the falls. We grilled the pork and ate heartily. We discussed that this lunch was far better than any other gourmet lunch we had. Our tired and weary bodies were blessed with a tasty lunch by the river.

Falls — in Filipino: talon
no restaurant can match this meal
our own VIP cottage. Since we occupied it at 12 noon, we paid 50Php for it.
local tourists
Summer time so the tap wasn’t fully opened
best things in life are free!
the boys with our muse/tour guide: Shiana Mae

We dipped in the ice cold mineral water from the pool and it was very refreshing. We even swam towards the actual falls and enjoyed the shower of water. The muscles relaxed and the gift of nature gave us energy to pedal back home. We were back in UP Diliman by 6pm. Not bad for a 12 hour bike vacation. The Strava reading read 65 kilometers back and forth. All good for a Sunday ride.

started my Strava near Patiis Village

Share with us your Puray adventure! The Mountain Goats almost got stranded in Puray during the rainy season due to the sudden rise of the river. How about you? What’s your Puray story?

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